Wibiya Toolbar

If you noticed, I had added Wibiya Toolbar at the bottom of the blog 2 months back which helps to engage with the readers and increase page views. Wibiya toolbar enables readers to navigate through posts, shows twitter alerts on blog, you can create facebook communities and  invite others to join them.

Wibiya Toolbar gives readers more ways to access your content and powers your blog by integrating social features such as Facebook and twitter.


How Wibiya Toolbar brings traffic to your website

With Wibiya Toolbar your blog can get decent traffic through news feed of members joins in your facebook community.

With post navigator readers can access your

  • Recent posts
  • Random post
  • Search for content on your site powered by Blog Catalog and web search powered by Google.
  • Translate the posts to their language.

Readers can subscribe to your RSS feed. You can add you facebook fan page and ask readers to become a fan. Readers can share posts on various social networking sites with share button. Twitter dashboard  in wibiya toolbar shows conversations about your tweets and shows your recent tweets. You can announce important announcements through notifications.You can customize these notifications appear on your blog for forever or for 24 hours as you want.You can track all the clicks generated with wibiya toolbar in your account .

wibiya toolbar

Adding Wibiya toolbar to your blog / website

Wibiya is still in beta, you can install wibiya toolbar to your blog by invitation only. You can request wibiya team an invitation on their website by clicking “Get it now”. It will take 2-3 days to get the invitation. Once you get the invitation, it will be very easy for you to add wibiya toolbar to your blog or website. You can choose color of toolbar according to your blog layout and add code to your blog. Wibiya supports popular blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress.

Once you added the toolbar, you can make any changes from your wibiya account and they will be saved and appear live  in your blog.

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