Bing _full version

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine or for that matter decision engine launched in June giving tough fight to it’s competitor Google. Bing is still in beta except for US, Canada and United Kingdom.  It’s still surprises me that lot of readers asking how to access full version of Bing.

I explained how to access full version of Bing started from first article covered on Bing in this blog.

Bing homepage

New features in Bing

Recently Bing released new features like visual search, Bing reference homepage , twitter search, twitter integration. Users can test some of them only in full version of Bing . Since users having Beta version of Bing can’t access these features, they have to access full version of Bing for that.

Accessing Full version of Bing

If you are not residing in US, Canada and United Kingdom open worldwide page select “United States-English” as your country and language.

It is required for you to do thee same procedure every time you need to access the full version of Bing.

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