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Finally got some Google Wave invitations to giveaway. Google Wave is now available to users by invitations only. To explore Google Wave you have to be invited by Google Wave user or You have to signup here to let Google send an invite.

I got Google Wave invitation month back, thanks to my friend Arpit, but not explored Google Wave. After one month, Google gave me chance to invite 8 members to join Google Wave. If you are new to Google Wave and want to know more about it read complete guide to Google Wave.

Google Wave Invitaions giveaway

Google Wave Invitations Giveaway

Invitations will not be send immediately, it may take 3 to 5 days as Google have lot of stamps to click. The Giveaway will end on NOV 26th 4PM IST. All invites will be announced here with their names by choosing randomly from comments. Winners will be asked here to send their email address along with their names through Contact form. No duplicate comments are allowed. To  maximize your chances of getting Google wave invitation do the following.

1.Just comment on this post reasons “why you want to explore Google wave” with your name.

2.Retweet this post and post the status along with your comment .

Sample comment

I like Google Wave because …., retweeted tweet status link

Those who don’t have twitter account don’t worry! all invites will be selected randomly, so you may get your chance.  But doing both will brighten your chances.

Google Wave invites nominated so far by me (26/11/2009)

Chillz, Thierry , ill.u.sion55, nikhilbagrecha have been nominated by me to Google Wave preview. It will take 2 to 3 days for invitations to reach , happy waving .

Update 26/11/2009, 12 more Google Wave invitations left

Guys, I have 12 more invitations remaining , just comment or tweet this post to get yours . First come server basis now :)

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