Google Dashboard

It’s true Google knows much about your browsing habits than your neighbor. Some says is Google spying on you and what you do online to an extent that is true. Now Google wants more transparent on what data they store with your Google account they launches Google Dashboard.

What Google Stores about You?

What Google logs with your Google account?

While you signed into your Google account and everything you do will be stored  in Google servers. The videos you visit on YouTube, the websites you visit,the searches you do, the emails you check and messages you send, Google docs  you edit, Google alerts you received .

Quick Video about Google Dashboard

What Google stores apart from your Google account

Google logs everything about you like your IP address, browser you are using when you visit their websites. Google remembers your preferences with  Cookies stored in your browser  when you visit Google websites. Google also stores keep a cookie in your browser to show ads on blogs or websites (Google Adsense) according to your interests which is called interest based advertising . Read our Privacy Policy .

Google Dashboard covers more than 20 products including popular services such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, YouTube, Picasa, Reader, Talk, Latitude and many more.

Advantages for a user with Google Dashboard

Now with dashboard every user has an idea what Google stores about them while they are online. They can remove web history by visiting Google dashboard. Users can also manage their personal settings.

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