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Having covered how to set Firefox to update automatically, which allows Firefox to check and update itself and add-ons . What to do if Firefox shows “connection timed out” error during software update.

There can be software update problems to Firefox due to plenty of reasons. Firefox Software update problems occurs mentioning connection timed out error or simply shows “software update failed” error.

Firefox could not update due to conenction timed out 

To fix these errors and make Firefox to check and update Firefox automatically

1.Make sure you are using the latest version of Firefox.

2.Reset Firefox software update Feature: We have to reset the software update feature of Firefox manually by removing update files . These update files are stored in temporary application data. These files will be hidden by default.

To open them, first you have to enable Windows Explorer to show hidden files and holders in Windows XP/Vista. Now navigate to this directory in Windows Explorer

In Windows 2000/XP :” C:\Documents and Settings\username\ Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Mozilla Firefox”

In Windows Vista : ”C\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox \Mozilla Firefox”

Remove Updates folder, active-update.XML file and Updates.XML file permanently.

Firefox update files

Confirming Firefox software update working correctly

Now you can check Firefox’s software update feature working correctly or not, by clicking  “Check for Updates” in Help menu.

No software update found

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