Kaspersky virus removal tool 7.0

Kaspersky is one of the commercial Anti-virus which protects from latest threats and also popular for not slowing down system performance. Kaspersky Virus Removal tool removes viruses and any other infections effectively. Kaspersky Virus removal tool uses algorithms of detection used by  Kaspersky Anti-virus and AVZ antiviral Toolkit.

Why these Tools are designed by Anti-virus Vendors

These virus removal designed to make infection system free from viruses and then you can install their anti-virus without any problems.Since infected systems won’t allow you to install any other programs including anti-virus programs, security vendors design them for their consumers. Similar to kaspersky Virus removal tool AVG offers Vcleaner tool to remove viruses to avoid AVG install problems.

Kaspersky Virus Removal tool won’t give real time protection like Anti-viruses. After cleaning viruses with that tool, you have to uninstall that tool and install anti-virus in your computer to get protection.

Kaspersky virus removal tool

Kaspersky virus Removal tool features

  • Removes viruses , Trojans and worms automatically.
  • Removes spyware and adware modules.
  • Removes all rootkits automatically.
  • Can be installed on an infected computer and also supports safe mode.
  • This tool is freeware.

Kaspersky virus removal tool scan results

Download Kaspersky virus removal tool 7.0

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