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There has been lot of buzz about AVG minimizing the full screen applications when running full screen games. AVG released AVG popup fix utility as a solution to this. After the recent release of AVG 9.0, lot of users upgraded from AVG 8.5 to AVG 9.0, AVG seems to minimizing the full screen applications every half an hour which annoyed most of users.

Gaming mode feature in AVG 9.0

By default in AVG 9.0 gaming mode is enabled, that is AVG’s alerts and notifications will be hidden when full screen applications like games, power point presentations or other full screen applications are running. You can find gaming mode enabled for AVG 9.0 anti-virus free version by opening AVG user interface >Tools>advanced settings and in appearance.

gaming mode in avg

What’s the reason for  AVG 9.0 to minimize the full screen applications

At present lot of users using AVG 9.0 facing the problem of running full screen games or applications. Lot of users observed  this as they upgraded from AVG 8.5 to AVG 9.0. Reasons to this yet unknown.

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What changes couldn’t prevent AVG from minimizing games

  • Disabling gaming mode in AVG 9.0
  • Uninstalling and installing AVG 9.0.

AVG popup fix utility

This problem will be fixed in the next program update of AVG. AVG team released AVG popup fix utility which stops AVG from minimizing games.

Download the utility and extract to the desktop.

Avg Popup fix utility

Run extracted avgcpnfx.exe, a command window opens and checks whether you are using AVG 9.0 or not . The fix will be applied and then restart your computer. There will be no problem from now on, while you using full screen applications. AVG will continue to protect from threats. Happy computing and gaming..

Download AVG popup fix utility

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