ViGlance Superbar for XP

Having covered Thoosje Windows 7 sidebar for XP and Vista , you can also try to bring the look of Windows 7 to Windows XP with Seven remix XP. One of the feature that attracted lot of users in Windows 7 is taskbar.ViGlance will bring the feel of Windows 7 Taskbar to your Windows  XP.

The features of Windows 7 taskbar are you can preview the programs on the taskbar in thumbnail view . Similarly lot of related programs are grouped on Windows 7 taskbar gives uncluttered look and frees the space also . You can pin your favorite programs on taskbar. You can close all windows by closing thumbnails.

ViGlance Superbar for XP

ViGlance Features

1.By using minimum system resources ViGlance brings preview thumbnails of all programs on the taskbar.

2. You can pin your favorite programs to the taskbar just like you pinned your favorite programs to stat menu in Windows XP.

3. The start button in Windows XP will be replaced by nice colored start button 7 Orb replica similar to Windows 7.

4. Make sure you enable “Start ViGlance with Windows “ on startup which loads automatically. Other wise you have to run ViGlance each time manually when ever you start Windows.

5.  You can  rearrange the program icons in a particular order as you like. ViGlance shines and fades the taskbar when you bring pointer on taskbar and away.

6. You can able to view 48 * 48 icons in the taskbar as XP generally shows 16 * 16 icons in the taskbar.

7.ViGlance is freeware.



Download ViGlance

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