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Bing has launched Behind Bing to tell all the features of Bing to people through screencast. All Bing features have been presented on Behind Bing website for users to know with much more detailed information.Pressing on each feature will take you to screencast with explanation about that feature.

Bing recently released lot of new features like adding Wolfram alpha to their search, Visual search, sharing search results through Bing & Ping feature,  Bing Reference homepage, Real time search and other features like Bing Travel and Bing Health. All these Bing features are now available to Bing users and since Bing is still in beta in lot parts of world, so you need to have full version of Bing to access these features.

Behind Bing

Hovering the mouse on each feature will shows little glimpse about that feature. Clicking that feature will provide much more info through the screencast. It will take a while to load all the features in silverlight.

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