Xinorbis - hard disk analyzer

Users store lot of data like videos, documents and other stuff in hard drives . Want to know which type of files occupying more space and total information about drives and folders of hard drive, Xinorbis will analyze the drive, folder and shows complete report graphically through tables, charts and trees .


Xinorbis is free hard disk analyzer, analyzes the contents of drives, folder, removable or network drives. It displays complete overview report of drives with trees, charts and tables.

Xinorbis 4.2.4 Features

1.Analyzes a single drive or folder, multiple folders.

2. Shows the details by table, type, folders, dates ,etc..

3.History tells the when files are created in the drive.

4.Top 101 tells the largest files and smallest files mentioning owner name.

5. Finds the duplicate files by name and size .

6. User can save reports in XML, HTML, CSV, Text and Xinorbis format.

7. Xinorbis is freeware , available as installer and as portable also to carry and use from USB drives.

Download Xinorbis installer 

Download Xinorbis Portable

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