official twitter buttons

One of the ways to publicize and promote your twitter account is adding “follow me on twitter” button to your blog. This will also help you to get some followers. This button must be on every blog to let your blog readers know, so that they can follow your updates on twitter. Searching for some twitter buttons, good news is that twitter added some to their goodies.

official twitter follow me buttons

This is nice gesture from Twitter, should have been done earlier. Saves lot of time for twitter users in searching for twitter buttons to add to their website.

To add any of twitter button to your blog, sign into your twitter account with username and password. Visit twitter buttons page in Goodies and select your desired twitter follow me button, click that button which gives code, add that code to your blog .

The code appears like below

“<a href=""><img src="" alt="Follow techvenkat on Twitter"/></a>”.

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