Whenever your computer infected with viruses , Task Manager, Registry Editor and folder options gets disabled . It will be tough job for any user to enable these features without removing the viruses. XP  Quick Fix fixes 25 common problems that are going to affected by viruses for Windows XP OS.

XP Quick fix does not delete the viruses, but enables the features that are disabled by viruses or system administrator.

XP Qucik Fix

XP Quick  Fix features:

1.Quick XP fix is a portable, freeware and no installation is required.

2. It enables the task manager, registry editor folder options, command prompt, restores My Computer properties and lot other features .

3.It fixes 25 common problems that are disabled by viruses.

4.Download the XP Quick fix, run it .

5.XP quick fix will show 25 features, that you can fix any feature by selecting from thumbnail view.

6.This works with Windows XP only.

Download XP Quick Fix 1.0

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