Qucik view PDFs in Google search result

Till now any one can view PDF files in Google search results in HTML format by clicking “ View as HTML” which will not show all the format in PDF file. Another way user can view the formatted PDF document by downloading it and viewing in the PDF reader.

But Gmail users and Google Docs users can view PDF files very easily. Google added that technology to Google search results to quickly view PDF files with all format including tables, graphics ,fonts and other elements. So whenever you encounter a PDF file in Google search results a “Quick View “ option will appear below title which you can click and see PDF file in Google Docs viewer without loosing any format.

quick view for PDF files in Google search results

Google added quick view links to PDF files more than 50% in their index. It may take time to add Quick view links to remaining PDFs , hence you may have to view other PDF files in basic version of HTML in Google search results.

PDf files opened from search results in Google Docs

This does not mean that you have to remove or uninstall PDF reader. Now user the option to view PDF files in Gmail, Google Docs and in Google Search results without the need of PDF reader .

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