plug-in check page for  plug-ins in firefox

Plug-ins in Firefox are always poses risk because they are build by 3rd party developers will not updated automatically . Outdated plug-ins can cause Firefox to crash, stability problems and also security risk of an attacker to run malicious code in your computer.

Mozilla launched Plugin check with which you can know the status of all installed plug-ins in Firefox.

Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player Plug-in woke Mozilla  up

It’s true that out dated popular Adobe flash player plug-in can cause major risk to Firefox users, Firefox started to Warn users using old version of Flash player plug-in for Firefox to download updated version of plug-in for Mozilla Firefox 3.5.3 and Firefox 3.0.14 . This move from Mozilla really successful as more than 10 million users downloaded the latest flash player version from adobe website.

 Flash _plugin_Warning_

Check the status of Popular plug-ins

Mozilla launched  full Plug-in check page which shows the update status for all plug-ins in your Firefox browser. 

Here You can see

  • All updated plug-ins with “up to date “status .
  • If any plug-ins are out of date, you can update them by clicking “update” button from plug-in check page .

You will see Research as status for certain plug-ins for those plug-in version was not detected. Clicking on research will direct to Google with the query for current version of particular plug-in name.

plug-in statuses in plug-in check page

The upcoming version  Firefox 3.6 which avoids going to plug-in check page as it detects and shows outdated plug-in automatically.

This is good move by Mozilla should have been implemented by them much before , because Mozilla claims that 30%  of the crashes to Firefox is mainly due to out dated plug-ins.

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