If User has the problem in uninstalling AVG, then he can use AVG removal tool to successfully remove AVG from his computer. What if user encounters problems while installing AVG as AVG fails to install. The reasons for AVG installation failure can be so many may be due to viruses , or AVG failed to register or start its services.

Solutions to AVG install problems

1.Always use latest AVG version install file

If your AVG installation fails, make sure you are installing latest AVG install file which will automatically uninstall previous version if any and installs AVG in your computer without any problems. As it will fixes the problems while installing AVG. This will work most times when AVG installation fails.

Download AVG9.0 offline installer

2. Make sure you have administrative privileges to install AVG

This is most important not only for AVG for any program to install, uninstall  and to make changes to system files you need to have administrative rights . To know whether you are logged as an administrative account

read How to Know You are Logged in With Administrator Account

3.Close all running programs and disable Security programs

Before installing AVG make sure you closed all programs and also disable any security programs that may prevent AVG to installed into your computer. These security programs can be anti-spyware programs, registry cleaners , system monitoring programs and others.

4.Uninstall anti-viruses installed in your computer

Running  two anti-viruses in a computer may dent your system performance, causes instability to the system and may damage your computer . Before installing AVG make sure you uninstall any anti-virus programs installed in your computer.

5.Viruses in your computer may interrupt AVG installation

Viruses in your computer may interrupt installation of AVG and thus AVG installation fails . So AVG developed virus removal tool called vcleaner.exe which is portable that removes/ cleans viruses that cause installation problems. Download the utility, save to your computer and run it . Please allow it to scan and after it finished the scan you can start installing AVG.

Download vcleaner

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