Recently you may have a heard buzz about Minimalist Google which shown by pasting some code in browser. Now a Firefox extension Minimalist Gmail that gets rid of all stuff you don’t want appear in your Gmail .

Necessity of Minimalist Gmail

The other stuff that appear in Gmail like labels, chat, ads can distract you sometimes to read and write emails in Gmail.  Now however you have the option to set Gmail as you like without the stuff mentioned above .

Minimalist Gmail Firefox extension gives the flexibility in Gmail to

  • Hide header, remove footer.
  • Hide ads ,remove chat and invite windows on the left pane.
  • Customize the view of inbox as you like with removing “ report spam button”, Move to , Labels, More Actions, select line and other extra ones that you don’t want appear in inbox.

before using Minimalist Gmail

after Minimalist Gmail

After installing Minimalist Gmail in Firefox, you can see some options will be removed in Gmail.  You can undo or remove more features by selecting MinimalistGmail from below sign out button.


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