Till now you are familiar to Google luring IE users to download Google Chrome from their homepage and from Gmail . If you open Google homepage in IE, you will see Google downloading small exe file into your computer on clicking “update now “ link.

exe file will be downloaded from Google homepage

Only IE users having Google Toolbar can see this message:

You can see message on Google homepage as  “Make Google my search engine in Internet Explorer  update now (link)” if your IE browser have all the following features.

  • Google toolbar installed for your IE browser
  • You set other search engine as default search engine.
  • Not enabled “ Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider” .

If your IE browser will not met any one of the above said things, you won’t see this message on Google homepage in IE.

It’s always safe to enable prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider in IE from  Manage add-ons.

Read the reason why

Set IE8 to Prevent Programs from Changing Default Search Provider

About Exe file on Google Homepage

If you can see Google’s default search engine message as described above on IE, on clicking update now will download small exe file named setgooglesearch with 54.50 kb onto your computer. If you run it, IE will alert you with GoogleToolbarNotifier suggested a new default search provider with the option to change to Google or to keep using the current search engine.

IE alerts change to default search provider

You can then choose default search engine as Google or keep using same search engine. You should also make sure you checked the “prevent programs from suggesting to my default search provider”.

This is not new from Google , they want Google Toolbar users of IE to use Google as their default search engine. Despite using Firefox as the Primary browser, these things from Google are missing , so worth to visit Google homepage in IE for few times :).

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