nobel peace prize badge

A parody website created on Nobel peace prize as Barack Obama won Nobel peace prize for 2009.  You will get the Nobel peace prize with Nobel peace prize generator by telling great things you are going to do in future.

There seems to be not much questions, you have to answer whether you are a “Democrat “, Republican or other, after that judges voting will begin, you will know whether you won Nobel peace prize or not :).

If you win Nobel Peace prize, you can put badge of the winner of Nobel peace prize on your blog or website to let the visitors know about that. You can tweet your win of prize on twitter with link provided on website and you can also nominate friends to win Nobel prize by entering his name, email address and your email address.


Nobel peace prize Generator

1.Visit Nobel peace prize Generator website.

2.Answer the question who you are.

3. Know the result and if you own, announce it on twitter to your followers to know and also put official badge of winner of Nobel peace prize on your website or blog to let your readers know.

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