AVG security toolbar

AVG security toolbar which works along with link scanner to identify malicious websites from the search results produced by  search engines like Google, Yahoo,  Bing and others . AVG security toolbar will be added to IE and Firefox if you selected to install along with AVG 8.5.

Advantages of using AVG security toolbar

What AVG claims is that AVG security toolbar will identify dangerous websites before you even open them. Prevents installation of plug-ins in the form of spyware. You can also update AVG from the toolbar it self.

Annoyance AVG security Toolbar causes

If you prefer to install AVG security toolbar while installing AVG, to see how it monitors dangerous websites apart from that it will also changes default search engine for IE and Firefox . If you are using Google Toolbar it also modifies the new tab page behavior . It also occupies some space. All these things really annoys a user, as no one wants to change to their default search engine.

avg secutiy  toolbar in firefox

Uninstalling AVG Security Toolbar from your computer

Don’t worry, you can get rid of AVG security toolbar easily with the following steps without affecting AVG functionality

1. Run the AVG installer program which you installed earlier .

2. Close IE and Firefox before reinstalling the program.

3. Select setup type as “Repair installation “.

4. On the next step which shows AVG security toolbar window, uncheck “ Recommended –Yes I would like to install AVG Security toolbar”.

uncheck avg security toolbar

5. Click next and finish the installation .

6. You need to update AVG after this as all virus signatures will be removed.

I will recommend the users to know the consequences of installing some toolbars bundled with some programs. They will definitely modify default search engine and occupy some space of browser. If you know well about toolbar like Google toolbar, you can proceed to install them otherwise not. Because they are always hard to remove from browsers.

Update 07/09/2012: AVG 2013 by default with Express Install option installs AVG Security toolbar, to remove this toolbar

1. Download AVG offline setup file from http://free.avg.com/de-en/download.prd-afh and run it.

2. Now on Repair and Uninstall options shown by AVG Installer Click on Change button for Add/Remove features,

3. On next dialog expand AVG Add-ons and remove tick mark for “AVG Security toolbar” and click Next button.

AVG 2013 Installer makes the changes you requested and removes the toolbar from your Computer and AVG will continue to work as usual without any issues.

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