Users install Anti-viruses in their computers to get protection from latest viruses . Generally any good Anti-virus will detect any virus easily, how to check the AV installed in your computer functioning properly, so that it detects the viruses.

Evolution of EICAR test file

To check your AV, you can’t bring virus and put your system under trouble. There is easier way as European Institute for Computer Anti-virus(EICAR) developed a test file which is EICAR standard anti-virus test file, allows all companies, people, researchers and security experts to check functioning of their anti-virus products . Eicar test is safe method to test functioning of AV. Eicar test file does not contain any viral code .

About EICAR test file

Eicar test file is text file, it’s a simple DOS program. If you run it, it executes the message “EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIV-VIRUS TEST FILE”. It’s true that some ant-viruses can recognize some viruses and some not. Most AV products should detect this file as virus file, then the AV in computer is working. If not uninstall that AV and install another AV then run the same test again.

Eicar test file detected by AVG 9.0

How to delete Eicar test file from your computer

When you run Eicar test file it will be detected by AV in your computer and quarantines it . You can delete that file from Quarantine folder.

You can download EICAR test file from Eicar website.

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