Opera Halloween browser edition

On eve of Halloween on Oct 31, Opera released Halloween edition for both Windows and Mac. Speed dial page is filled with ghost which of course with a colorful background with a title “Phantom of Opera”. Explore the Opera with Halloween theme for Halloween.

Opera Halloween browser

Installing Halloween edition if you are already using Opera

To experience Halloween theme for Opera browser which you are already using, you have to make some changes.

1. First open “C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Opera\Opera\” by pasting it in the Run command from start menu.

2.Backup three files named below to a specific folder in your hard drive.

  • bookmarks.adr
  • speeddial.ini
  • operaprefs.ini

3. Remove these files from current directory .

4.Download and install Opera Halloween edition for windows.

5.Run the Opera Halloween browser , you can see changes in speed dial with phantom and theme for opera changing as well.

If you have not installed Opera till now, you can install Halloween edition from opera and explore Halloween theme in Opera for Halloween.

Download Opera Halloween edition for Windows

Download Opera Halloween edition for Mac

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