Bing's Best theme for Windows 7

As Windows 7 launched yesterday , Bing team announced a desktop theme for Windows 7 named Bing’s Best which includes all beautiful wallpapers from June, July and August featured on Bing homepage. This theme pack is created by Windows 7 personalization team.

About Bing’s Best Theme for Windows 7

This Bing’s Best theme contains top 20 Gorgeous wallpapers appeared on Bing homepage from June to August of this year.

Want some Bing Wallpapers to beautify your desktop

Download 50 Stunning Bing Wallpapers

Bing's Best

Just visit Windows personalization gallery which features lot of featured themes including international themes to spice up your Windows 7 desktop.  Download Bing’s best theme from the gallery.

Download Bing’s Best theme for Windows 7

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