AVG 9.0It is really sad that AVG doesn’t allow AVG 8.5 users to update to AVG 9.0 as users have to download AVG 9.0 anti-virus free and install it on their computers. Luckily we can download AVG 9.0 offline installer from AVG website which saves a lot of time.

Problems faced by users  installing AVG 9.0 online

1.User’s internet connection may not help user to download 70 MB file.

2. Installing AVG online is tedious process with inclusion of power failures, internet outage may probe user to install AVG from the beginning.

3. The download may take longer than user expected which depends on user’s internet connection speed.

Options left for the users on low speed connection

1.Go to his friends house with computer having broadband and having download manager which supports resume capability of a download like IDM and download AVG from offline installer link.

2.Saving it to USB drive and running it in his computer.

3. Offline users can download AVG virus definitions from another computer and update them offline to get protected from latest threats.

Advantage of AVG9.0 offline installer

Users can install it on multiple computers without the need of internet connection.

Download AVG 9.0 anti-virus free offline installer

Another download link for AVG 9.0 offline installer

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Update: As AVG 2011 products released, AVG redirecting AVG 9.0 offline installer link to AVG 2011 download page.

Want AVG 2011 free edition offline installer check here.

Hmm.. well  we’ve tough time with AVG, they are removing AVG 9.0 offline installer files from their servers or intentionally they are hiding from public.

OK, we’ve uploaded recently download AVg 9.0 offline installer file to Dropbox, sharing the link above .

Any problems, please let me know.