Despite industry wide phishing scam which compromised Hotmail , Yahoo and Gmail accounts, Bing puts users more into trouble by exposing email-ids of users. As I covered Bing introduced feature called Bing &ping which allows users to share search results for instant answers over facebook and Twitter , Bing team today send invitations to all signups by exposing their email ids in To address.

First a email from Bing & ping with no subject  including all email addresses of Bing ping preview signups highlighting message Your Bing & Ping Preview starts now with the details below how to access that feature.

Bing blunder

These Bing& Ping signups include email ids from Gmail and hotmail.

After that another email from Bing&Ping saying  “apologies from Bing” as a subject and message states  below.

“In the excitement to get the news of The Bing and Ping Preview launching to all of you we accidently placed your email addresses in the  To:  line. We apologize as we know your contact information is private and we would never intentionally share this information with anyone.  We are investigating how this happened and will take steps necessary to help ensure this does not happen again We sincerely apologize for this oversight and hope that this does not cause any inconvenience. “


The Bing Team

aplogies from bing