bing & ping preview

As Bing send preview invitations for Bing & ping program feature to whom already signed up which is still in beta with a blunder. Bing & ping feature allows to share search results for instant answers over facebook, twitter and through email. If you got preview invitation, here is how to explore Bing & ping feature .

Since Bing is still in beta except for Canada and US, to explore Bing & ping feature you need to select your residing country as US.

1. Open US version of Bing in your browser.

2. Click sign in and sign in with your Live id and password,  don’t have a live id  your hotmail id will also works for you.

3. Start searching in Bing for movie times, scores of the NFL game or flight status. For example “seattle seahawks “ search will give the answer result to share with your friends by clicking Facebook,twitter and Email icon. You need to login to twitter and facebook once you clicked to share them .

bing and ping

Sharing with Email not worked , as clicking on email link won’t produced anything  either.

I don’t find this Bing & Ping feature useful for me.

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