Recently released free anti-virus Microsoft Security Essentials(MSSE) from Microsoft really impressive. Though it offers basic protection much like AVG free anti-virus, there are more reasons to prefer or sticking to AVG than shifting to MSSE.

1.AVG will remove USB drive viruses automatically

It is true that most users don’t make use of AVG properly, we can configure AVG to delete threats in USB drives automatically. Despite the fact that Pen drive viruses causing more problems through loop hole of Windows that is autorun.

Configure AVG to delete USB drive viruses automatically

Open AVG User Interface , click Tools > Advanced Settings Expand scans on the left hand side. Select Removable Device Scan on the right hand side enable removable device scan . Also check or enable automatically heal\remove infections. Click Apply and OK to save changes.

enable removable device scan in AVG

From now onwards AVG will scan and delete viruses or threats in USB drive automatically whenever you insert USB drive.

While MSSE will not have the option to automatically scan for viruses in USB drives, it has option to scan the USB drive while doing the schedule scan. Though MSSE will detect viruses from USB drives after you run them, the loss already will be occurred as the viruses enter into your PC automatically.

2.AVG link scanner protects from  Malicious websites

If you are using AVG, then you are also getting protection while surf online that came with linkscanner . Linkscanner identifies and shows the rating for websites that appear in various search engine results like Google, Bing and Yahoo for browsers like IE and Firefox.

3.Email scanner scans incoming and outgoing email.

AVG’s email scanner will be always active and  scans incoming and outgoing email .

4. AVG Link scanner detects  malicious shortened links before you even click

Since shortened links getting common for sharing URLs online on social networking sites like twitter and other sites. Hackers using these shortened links to spread malware but AVG link scanner will detect malicious URL behind shortened links . As Twitter is integrated into to the daily use of internet user, linkscanner will be very helpful. Because twitter user don’t know where the link points to. Clicking on the link may download Trojans, viruses into his computer.

Any user don’t have to install AVG to use linkscanner, they can also install and use linkscanner along with other anti-viruses as well.

5.AVG does optimize scan

After installing AVG it will request to run the optimization scan as it scans for the safety exe and DLL system files. Scan of these files will be avoided and scan time will be reduced next time when you run.

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