add or remove programs module

Use of Add or remove programs is more for uninstalling programs from windows than installing programs from CD drive or other media. Add or remove programs does take lot of time to show the list of programs installed in your computer. There are 2 free alternatives load all installed programs very quickly.

It is really annoying that any time you open add or remove programs from control panel, it does take lot of time and shows annoying message “please wait while the list is being populated”.

add or remove programs

I am not talking about the default uninstaller of Windows, if you want alternate to default uninstaller of Windows you can use Revo Uninstaller.

The two freeware which will show installed programs quickly are much known CCleaner and Safarp.

1.Using CCleaner as an alternate to Add or remove programs:

Why prefer CCleaner? it offers much more than cleaning temporary files and browsing history . Read

CCleaner Tips & Tricks . CCleaner currently used by lot of users, it also provides the options to uninstall programs , remove system restore points, disabling startup options.

  • Open the CCleaner , click Tools select uninstall and it quickly shows the list of programs installed in your computer to remove very easily.

removing programs using CCleaner


2.Safarp :Safarp is free portable tool that loads installed programs very quickly in fast mode when compared Windows add=remove programs . Showing all programs without icons in fast mode will make load programs faster in Safarp. You can easily remove programs from the list. (Read original post)


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