You may use Google toolbar basically for search and knowing page rank of a webpage, but there are lot of advantages of using Google toolbar with IE or Firefox.

Advantages of Google toolbar..

1.Search Google from the search bar.

2. Open Gmail and Google earth from buttons from the toolbar.

3. Access and search for the news articles from the toolbar.

4. Search the sites you already visited in your web history by logging into your Google account.

5. Know the Page rank of any webpage.

6. With Google toolbar you can access all your bookmarks wherever you go.

7.Translates any content available from 51 languages automatically.

8. Automatically fill forms in web pages  with AutoFill button.

9.Google toolbar also prevents other toolbars being installed into your computer.

10. Use Gmail as the default email program to send emails.

11. Provides suggestions for incorrect URLs ,whenever you typed wrong URL in browser it suggests you original URL.

12. Find and highlight words on a page.

13. Access all Google services using Google Toolbar.

14. Pop up windows will be blocked with Pop –up blocker for with IE Google toolbar.

15. Add information to the web pages with Google Sidewiki from Google toolbar.

16. Google new tab page and most visited sites will be available for Firefox and IE much like in Chrome.

17. Notifies if your default search engine Google is changed, if you set Google as default search engine while installing Google toolbar if any other search engine is made default then it will notify you.

18.The spell check will correct spelling mistakes on forms , email messages and in forums.

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