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Since Yahoo Meme launched its micro blogging service in Portuguese first, now yahoo meme is available in English. Since Yahoo meme is in alpha , it has limited amount of users. As I signed up for yahoo meme, finally I am able to taste new yahoo meme service today, it’s quite interesting.

If you want to try new yahoo meme, you needed to be invited by other yahoo meme members or you can drop the email id in yahoo meme homepage to get invited by them (this does take time).

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What is Yahoo Meme?

Yahoo meme is micro blogging service launched by Yahoo to share the information you know through text, videos, music  and photos.

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Getting started with Yahoo meme

After you got invited to use yahoo meme, you need to have yahoo mail account to login, otherwise you need to create one. After signing in with yahoo username and password fill your meme title with your name, description limited to 100 characters about you and upload your photo and save your settings. You can also choose desired background theme as you will do in twitter.

After that see popular posts in yahoo meme , explore other meme members and if you like their posts you can follow them or repost their posts like re tweeting in twitter. You can see posts from memes you are following in your dashboard. See my profile in yahoo meme .

Yahoo meme features:

1.You can share any information find on the internet very easily.

2. You get the credit for each and everything posted on Yahoo meme.

3. You can post unlimited text when compared to twitter’s 140 characters.

4. You can post photos by uploading photos from your computer or insert link to the URL of the image.

5.You can publish videos by entering YouTube video URL or Vimeo video URL, similarly you can post music files by inserting links to source music files.

Yahoo meme Free invites

I have few free invites available, do the below necessary to grab your free yahoo meme invitation.

  • Tweet this post on twitter
  • Enter your name, email address , subject as “yahoo meme free invite” in the message, enter your tweeted link in  Contact me  form.

Update: Post a formal  comment below that I tweeted your post. I hope to see these invites following me.

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