Yahoo Meme isn’t yet officially available yet, it is still in alpha. You can try this service by getting invitations from yahoo meme members. Before you can use Yahoo meme, what I can say is if you are a twitter user its much easier for you to explore meme because its complete copy of twitter.

A brief introduction about Yahoo meme

Yahoo meme is a micro blogging service much like twitter where you can share what ever you find on the web like interesting images, videos, music and other interesting stuff. 

Homepage of Yahoo meme

Once you successfully registered after getting invitation, you can click sign in button  on yahoo meme and login to meme with Yahoo user name and password.

yahoo meme

Much like as you seen twitter bird in homepage of twitter, meme website shows home dogs to represent meme.

After you logged into meme, you will be taken into your yahoo meme dashboard where other meme posts appear in your timeline whom you are following much similar to twitter.

Customize your meme profile and background

Now click settings type

  • Meme title
  • Description about you up to 100 characters.

Upload your picture from your computer to get recognized on meme.

Click “save” to save the changes you made to your profile.

Click “Themes” beside Account and select your desired theme and save changes.

You can always click meme from yahoo logo to go back to your dashboard.

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard shows the posts from the memes you follow in your timeline . You have the option to share interesting stuff through text, photo, video, music .

Text: You can post text including URLs like in twitter no limit of text here, no URL shorteners here.

Photo: You can post photos by clicking photo tab and you can upload your own photo from your computer or you can insert a link pointing to a picture .

Video: You can share interesting video from YouTube and Hulu by entering the URL which will be played from meme page it self.

Music: you can insert link to mp3 file on the web and share on the meme.

Friend –follower

You can follow some people by exploring memes shown by yahoo meme click “follow” button to follow them. Your followers and following will be shown in your dashboard when you click followers count.

How to repost a post

Now you saw an interesting photo or video of other meme timeline, you can share it to your followers by clicking “repost” button which appears on the right side which will give credit to the original poster which lacks in twitter.

Now its your turn, see popular posts on meme which appears below settings and share the interesting stuff to your followers by clicking repost button.

Try posting a video, photo or a thought of you in text by saying hello to your followers.

Explore other memes select some to follow.

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