I have already covered about Yahoo Meme and given few invitations to my blog readers . Here is Yet another chance to grab Yahoo Meme invitations for twitter users . Yahoo Meme is a micro blogging service from Yahoo much like twitter in text restricted to 2000 characters which is in alpha.

Yahoo Meme _homepage

With Yahoo Meme you can post interesting stuff to your followers through text, video, photo and music. To explore Yahoo Meme you must have a  Yahoo account. Since Yahoo Meme is in alpha , you can only explore Yahoo Meme through invitations from Memes.

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You can follow me on Yahoo Meme , I will follow you back.

I have 12 invitations available, all are first comment,tweet come first serve basis.

What you need to do?

To get  Yahoo Meme  free invitations

1. You need to retweet a post Yahoo Meme Starter Guide  as mentioned below with status message

RT @techvenkat Yahoo Meme Starter Guide http://bit.ly/w6txh

2 .Drop comment below with your status message on twitter that I retweeted .

3. Now fill in your name, email-id and type “ Yahoo Meme invite “as subject in Contact form and send to me. Don’t mention your email id in comments.