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As I covered  about Yahoo meme , after using yahoo meme and its features, I felt that it’s a complete copy of twitter. The features in twitter are completely same in yahoo meme, this will be known to anyone if they use yahoo’s micro blogging service.

Similarities to Yahoo meme and Twitter

1.Both are micro blogging services.

2.You can share posts through text, photos, videos and music as you can do in twitter.

3.Other memes posts are shared with reposting button which is similar to retweeting to a tweet in twitter.

4. You are  mentioned as “twitter user” in twitter here in yahoo meme you are “meme”.

5. Followers, following is common in twitter as well as meme.

6. You can follow anyone by seeing their profile by clicking follow button and similarly if you want to stop following any one you can just click on that meme to un follow.

 follow button in meme

7. As in twitter, in yahoo meme also you can decide to follow anyone or not by seeing his posts and number of followers he has.

8.You will get an email alert when someone follows you in meme which is quite similar to twitter.

9.Twitter and yahoo meme both made to share interesting content on internet.

10.Twitter future official retweet already implemented through  Yahoo meme repost button.

yahoo meme

As some guys in twitter can not mention the twitter user source and retweets the tweet without giving credit to the original post made by  the twitter user, Twitter plans to implement retweet officially in future which gives credit to the original tweeter. This feature already implemented in yahoo meme .

Another advantage for memes over twitter, you will know how many times your post is reposted in meme which is quite difficult to know through twitter.

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