Today Twitter shown “503 service temporarily unavailable “ message continuously again and again which caused irritation to lot of twitter users. All twitter users are used to see fail whale image this time, twitter greets users with service temporarily unavailable message.

twitter_503 service_unavailable

Why Twitter showing  this message?

For any website to show” 503 service temporarily unavailable“message means the host of the website is unable to handle request due to overloading or maintenance of server. Here twitter server is getting over traffic and its unable to handle.

While twitter users accessing twitter from apps like tweetdeck seems to have not faced any problem while web interface of twitter is causing the problem. After fail whale and denial of service these are warnings that going to be seen by users in future.

While other twitter up\downtime tracking websites saying twitter is up not down.

There is no status message from twitter on this neither blog post.

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