I am not getting into the meaning of twaxed, what I can tell you is your tweet can be caught and shown on website if you tweet absolutely ridiculous, inappropriate and entertaining tweet on twitter, so be aware of what you tweet.

You are the only one responsible for what you tweet on twitter, if you post a ridiculous tweet which found embarrassing to read for other twitter users. You can not undo that tweet, you can only delete that tweet but it will still appear on twitter search because of your stupidity your twitter id  along with your tweet can appear on twaxed as you are #twaxed.

The twitter apps are growing day by day from fun to porn, numerous twitter apps are now on the web.

twaxed dot com

 How funny tweets will be submitted on twaxed?

Any tweet you found that is inappropriate, funny and absurd, you can tweet it with hash tag in front of twaxed (#twaxed )and submit to twaxed website  by clicking “submit a tweet” on twaxed homepage.

Twaxed is intended for fun only, there are really very funny tweets that gets “Most popular” and “hottest” through the voting clicking #thumbsup or #thumbsdown .

Everything you do on web will be stored on internet whether it will be comments, blog posting, tweeting or anything you can not simply undo those things. Make sure you don’t  tweet inappropriate and porn content on twitter which only result in suspend of your account from twitter.

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