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Firefox does takes ages to load on startup and it will be considerably slow due to fragmentation of profile databases. SpeedyFox is a free tool which fixes this problem by compacting these databases .

Necessity of SpeedyFox

Firefox uses SQLITE databases to store lot of its settings. As these databases grow Firefox starts working slowly. As All users know Firefox takes lot of time to load on startup. SPeedyfox compacts these databases without affecting bookmarks, passwords and user preferences in user’s profile.


  • Download Speedyfox which is a portable no need to install
  • Run speedyfox , it automatically detects your Firefox’s default profile.
  • click “Speed up my Firefox “.
  • Your Firefox will be optimized.

SpeedyFox Features:

1.After using SPeeyfox, your Firefox startup speed will be increased up to 3 times .

2.You can access browser history very quickly.

3. Operations on cookies will be quicker.

4.You will feel much like accessing new installed Firefox browser.

5.It’s freeware.

You can run this utility one or two times in a week to increase Firefox speed.

Download Speedyfox

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