PC Decrapifier

If a user buys branded  PC, laptop from companies like Compaq, HP, IBM and Dell along with OEM operating system some other other free trial wares also will be installed. You can remove these preinstalled software freely with PC Decrapifier in unattended fashion.

It is true that branded PCs or laptops shipped include installed new software and trial versions of Office, games, anti-virus, image editing and accounting programs. Who wants these software, they will not lost long, it will be advantage for the user if he installs his desired programs by removing all the crap programs with a single click by using PC Decrapifier.

PC Decrapifier 2.0

  • PC Decrapifer works with new branded PCs only.
  • Free version is available for personal use.
  • Just download PC Decrapifer and run it.
  • Antivirus software installed in the computer may alert this program as threat since it is developed on scripting language.You can safely use this program.
  • Create a restore point as it asks you, it automatically shows the trial versions installed in your computer.
  • This program works with Windows XP and Vista.
  • As no installer included in PC Decrapifier its an executable, you can simply remove the exe file after the use.

Download PC Decrapifier

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