Having covered Opera tips and tricks, here some tips on Opera’s speed dial. With speed dial feature in Opera, whenever you open new tab page you can view 3* 3 grid website thumbnails. You can open any website by clicking any thumbnail.

You can add any favorite website to empty thumbnail from the browser history and bookmarks shown by opera.

Tip#1 Show 25 website thumbnails in Speed Dial layout

By default speed dial shows 9 thumbnails on the new tab page, you can expand or reduce speed dial layout to show 5*5 =25 thumbnails or 2*2=4 thumbnails .

25 website thumbnails in speed dial

  • Open new tab page and click “configure speed dial” located at right corner of bottom.
  • Select the layout to 5*5 or 2*2 and click ok.

Tip#2 : Open websites in Speed dial with keyboard shortcuts

You can open website thumbnails in opera speed dial with Ctrl[1-9], for example to open first website thumbnail you can press CTRL +1, similarly to open second website thumbnail Ctrl+2 and so on.

Tip#3. Hide Speed dial

If you are concerned about your privacy you can hide speed dial,

  • Click “configure speed dial” and on the bottom select “hide speed dial”.
  • To show speed dial again click “show speed dial” at the bottom of the empty tab.

Tip#4. Set background image for Speed dial

Want to customize speed dial with your desired background image

configure speed dial

  • Open speed dial, click “configure speed dial” select “enable background image” and upload your desired picture from your computer by clicking “choose” and click ok.

speed dial with backgroun image

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