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Opera 10 final version has been released. Opera 10 loaded with lot of features like opera turbo feature will increase speed on slower connections, similar to Google Chrome’s new tab page Opera speed dial loads websites from thumbnails, Opera 10 is very faster on web applications like Gmail and Facebook.

Opera 10 tips and tricks:

twitter in opera screenshot

1.Speed Dial

Opera’s new tab page is similar to Google Chrome’s new tab page and can be called as speed dial. Using Opera speed dial you can load websites by clicking a thumbnail. You can add desired website to the empty thumbnail from bookmarks.

Add background image to speed dial

You can easily click on the bottom of speed dial, click “configure speed dial” and click “enable background image”, upload your desired image from desktop.

speed dial background image

2.Opera Turbo

Opera Turbo feature compresses data and images using proxy servers before it reaches opera browser, this feature will be very useful for users on slow connections. Opera turbo feature increases page loading by compressing data and images. So Turbo feature optimizes speed for slow internet connection users.

Enabling Opera turbo for slow networks

Click the arrow next to opera turbo icon located at  left side and bottom of status bar and select on to enable opera turbo for slower networks

opera turbo settings

Other wise you can set opera turbo as automatic to let opera turbo enables it self by detecting slow networks automatically.

3. Sessions

You can save all web pages open on opera as a session and you can close those pages, you can then load previous session .

To save a session

session saving in opera

Select File>sessions>save this session and name it, save it. Like these you can save many sessions including many web pages and open them whenever you want.

4.Opera link

Just like you can save and open bookmarks using Gmail from Google toolbar anywhere, Opera link a free service that enables data sharing between all computers and devices. Opera link synchronizes your bookmarks, speed dial entries, notes, personal bar you can access these wherever you go.

signup for opera link

To use  opera link

Select File menu>click synchronize opera, click “signup” after signup login with username and password.

After you login synchronization occurs. A green icon appearing on the status bar suggests that your data is shared on all computers and devices.

5.Mouse Gestures

As you know there are mouse gestures for Firefox, here also you can use mouse gestures to navigate through pages.

Holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse to left side will take you to previous page, as holding the right button and moving the mouse to  right side will  take you to forward page.

6.Reopen last closed tabs

Lost a tab or closed tab accidentally open that last tab from opera

closed tabs

Click the closed tab icon on the top right corner of the window and select the tab you want to open.


Like ever note, you can easily store notes on opera ,

Select text on a web page, right click and choose “copy to notes“ from the context menu. Now your notes is saved in opera’s note panel which you can access from Tools>Notes.

8.Password Manager

password manager in opera

Sometimes you need to fill same information again and again in the forms, you can save this information in forms in opera once and opera automatically fills it for you when you needed that info in forms.

9.Create nick names for Bookmarks

You can easily nick name a bookmark by one or two letters and open that webpage by entering those two letters .

nick name for bookmarks

Just select “Bookmark page” and click “details” enter one or two letters as nick name and click ok. Now you can open that website by typing two letters in opera address box. you can do this in Firefox too.


There are 2 skins available for opera 10

  • Opera standard
  • Windows Native

Opera skins

You can download more skins for opera by Opening  opera>Tools>appearance>selecting few more skins.

11.Delete private data

You can delete the private data from Tools>Delete private data and click “delete”.

Opera 10 features video



The above are only few, will cover more in future for sure.

Download opera 10

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