I did alerted all users by posting in my blog necessity to use updated flash player plug-in for browsers , because using old flash player plug-in can cause browsers to crash, make become unstable and also allow an attacker to run some malicious code in your computer.

Mozilla seems to be concerned as 80% of users using outdated flash player plug-in. This prompt made Mozilla to give warnings to users having outdated versions of flash plug-in for upcoming Firefox releases Firefox 3.5.3 and Firefox 3.0.14.

After installing Firefox security update for ff3.5.3 and ff3.0.14, users having out dated version of flash player will get the below warning.


The above warning directs user straight to adobe website where they can download the updated version of flash player.

For users using latest version of flash player or users who are not using flash player plug-in at all will see the normal page after Firefox security update.


Its better to have using updated version of Firefox , its even better to check updates for plug-ins installed for Firefox especially flash player plug-in since browsers can’t check updates for third party plug-ins.

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