As Yahoo Meme still alpha, there are app evolving for meme. You can now post interesting stuff found on the web from boomarklet generated by MemeThis. Memethis also still in alpha, you need to give access of Yahoo Account to Memethis.

1.To use Memethis,

  • Login to Yahoo Meme with Yahoo username and password 
  • Visit memthis page , click on “Click here get MemeThis” which takes you to yahoo sign in page where you have to enter your password to authorize Meme to access your account.

Link Yahoo account with MemeThis

2.After you give authorization to memethis to access, a link will be generated by it which you can drag and drop it to your bookmarks bar .

3.Whenever you find interesting stuff clicking on Memethis, will send that to your meme without even you need to login to your meme  account.


4.Memethis presently works with Firefox 3, IE8 , Safari 4 an Opera 9 (no Chrome there that’s strange).

5.A key send by Yahoo will be stored on their sever to identify you and no other personal information will be stored.

6. You can revoke access to Memethis with the link provided in details send by Yahoo to your inbox.

MemeThis Tutorial

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