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One of the hardest thing for a blogger is customization of template. I worked so hard to customize ads theme template for my blog, lot of readers did asked me they are unable to know when the posts are published since date stamp doesn’t shown under posts title .

I need to figured out that any time as I know, once I did observed it fetches the time from time stamp of blogger. I tried to modify the time to date format in settings and it worked.

The biggest problem I faced with ads theme is it does not support customization, adding JavaScript and bookmarking widgets, last time it showed scary dark background which of course fixed.

How to Fix”Background Color of Ads theme template issue”

To show date stamp under post title for ads theme

1.Sign into blogger with username and password , click Layout>settings > click Formatting

2. Opposite to Timestamp format select MM/DD/YYYY format and click “save settings” to save changes.

timestamp in blogger settings

3.Now you can see Datestamp under posts title instead of time . This will not affect the timings and date shown in comments.

date under post title in ads theme

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