Having Google Chrome 3.0 has been released with lot of new features including themes support to dress up your browser. There are overall you have 29 themes to decorate your Google Chrome browser border and background of the new tab page.

Google chrome themes gallery

To add themes to Chrome Browser

  • To add themes to browser, you can visit Google Chrome  themes gallery or
  • Click the Wrench button, select options, select “personal stuff” and  in the themes section select “Get themes “ which will open Google Chrome themes gallery in the browser.
  • You can select any theme,  click “Apply theme” to change the theme of your browser.

Reset your theme to default

1.Having applied the theme if you don’t like the theme , you want to return back to default theme you can do that by

2.Clicking wrench button>Options>personal stuff> in themes section click “reset to default theme “.

3. Your chrome browser will now show classic default blue theme.

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