Google Chrome 3.0

Google Chrome 3.0 has been released to the stable versions. This release includes themes support, a redesigned tab page, updated omnibox , support for audio video tags and high performing v8 engine.

This release passed 51 developer , 21 beta, 15 stable updates and 3,505 bug fixes in the past year.

Google Chrome 3.0 Super fast

Google Chrome 3.0 much improved in its performance and starts and loads web pages very quickly. JavaScript Engine performance increased by 150% when compared to first beta and by 25% since Google Chrome

Redesigned New tab page

Google Chrome 3.0 new tab apge 

The new tab page which allows us to access most visited websites with a single click has been redesigned.

  • You can see all thumbnails in a list view.
  • You can hide some thumbnails and keep some on the new tab page.
  • You can also rearrange thumbnails by drag and dropping like tabs.
  • Added few tips at the bottom of the new tab page.
  • Undo feature has been also applied to thumbnails that is when you remove a thumbnail you have the option to “undo” it as well  as it will not be permanently deleted.

Omnibox improved

The search bar and address bar combined called as ominbox in Chrome has been optimized for the presentation of drop down menu .

HTML5 capabilities have been added to this version of Google Chrome.

Decorate Google Chrome with Themes

The themes now available for stable version of Chrome, as they are already tested for beta version . Overall there are 29 themes to play with, just visit Google Chrome Themes gallery , select any  one of the your desired themes and click “Apply theme” to see Chrome in a new look.

Google Chrome themes gallery

To update your Google Chrome to latest version

1.Open Google Chrome, select wrench button and click “About Google Chrome”

Google Chrome _new _version

2. A window shows “A new version of Google Chrome now available“, click “Update now “.

google chrome

3.Your browser will be updated to latest Google Chrome 3.0 version.

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