Today When I signed into Gmail, a warning in Gmail with red color has been shown that “Gmail is temporarily unable to access your contacts “. Gmail is not down, but I was unable to see chat window and contacts in Gmail.

The total error is this

Gmail unable to access contacts

“Gmail is temporarily unable to access your contacts , You may experience issues while this persists”.

With this error you can face

  • Chat in Gmail not showing
  • Auto filling of addresses while typing will not be working.
  • Contact manager will not be loaded.

Solution to this problem seems to be exporting all contacts to a CSV file,then  deleting all contacts inGmail and then importing contacts from CSV file into Gmail.

How to Fix ”Google Error We‘re sorry “

To export contacts from Gmail

1.Click contacts on the left side of Gmail

2. Click “Export “, select “everyone (all contacts) “.

3. In the export format select “Google CSV format “ and then click Export will save all contacts to a CSV file in your computer.

exporting contacts in Gmail

But Gmail exporting contacts feature no longer working today. I checked Google Apps status to check any issues are stated for Gmail today and found that some users unable to access Gmail  and not mentioned anything about contacts.

Gmail status

Gmail Throws 502 Error Again

Update: Gmail seems to have recovered from contacts problem, everything working fine now. If you see unable to access  Contacts error in Gmail, you can follow above procedure to export contacts (hope exporting contacts works then) to CSV,delete contacts and then import contacts from CSV file.

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Interesting to see any update about this in Gmail blog.

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