Firefox vs Chrome

It is not debatable that Firefox is not stable and gives crashes than any other browser, though Google Chrome which lacks extensions when compared to Firefox seems doing so well after completing one year.

Why Firefox gives more annoyances to user than any other browser( lets kept other browsers aside) .

1.Firefox starts ages to load when compared to chrome

All Firefox users know that Firefox does take time to open on startup despite Mozilla boasting that Firefox 3.5 is fastest when compared to Firefox 3.0 and earlier versions. When I startup my computer each day I open chrome, and Firefox at the same time and I am able to successfully login to my internet account with username and password, and checks few emails as well by opening Gmail in Chrome, while Firefox loads so slowly after that,  its true that I go through this routine daily.

2. Google Chrome renders pages very fastly when compared to Firefox

Lot of folks love chrome the way it fastly loads the web pages. Even Firefox 3.5 considerably slow when compared to Chrome.

3.Firefox crashes more often than Chrome

Firefox crashes more and gives embarrassments to users than Chrome. Firefox can’t handle websites with flash content and crashes.Though using updated browser, plug-ins and extensions doesn’t yielding results either.

4.Firefox  is a resource hog

Firefox is a resource hog eats all system resources gives low memory warnings as well and it freezes the computer  also .Chrome consumes less memory when compared to Firefox.

5.Chrome’s new tab page has more purposeful than Firefox new tab page

Firefox hangs whenever you try to open new tab page, where are Chrome new tabs are dynamic you can drag tabs into windows and  rearrange  order of tabs in a window. With Chrome’s new tab page you can access frequently visited websites showing in thumbnails with a single click.

6. Create application shortcuts in chrome

You can create shortcuts to websites in Chrome more easily than in Firefox.

Lot of users considering Firefox as their primary browser Firefox not doing justice to that gives more annoyances to the users. Despite Firefox becoming not stable browser, users expecting more stable version of Firefox in future.Upcoming  Firefox 4.0 does seem to run separate process for each tab may prevent crashes.

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