As you bookmark if an interesting article found to your bookmarks to read it later, like that you can bookmark your favorite tweets found on twitter. Favstar.fm tells who are favorited your tweets on twitter.

In twitter, if you see a tweet in your timeline then you have the option to reply to that tweet as well favorite that tweet as well. Now these favorited tweets will appear in your profile when you click favorites.

favroite tweet in twitter

faved tweets_favstar.fm

Lot of twitter users favorites their favorite tweets on twitter and it will be difficult for you to track who favorited your tweets. That’s where favstar.fm helps you.

  • Just visit favstar website 
  • Enter your twitter user name in “search users box” and click search button to see  your most faved tweets.
  • Here only a few faved tweets are shown, to see whole faved stats you need to follow favstar and you need to sign in with your twitter user name.

This will help you to know which tweets are liked by the users on twitter.

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