Today most of daily using applications we are using requires internet connection to be installed in your computer. As these are very important in daily for user on internet, its pain to install them online every time we required, this could be avoided by using offline installers of those applications.

The applications required daily by users online are

1.Flash player plug-in for browser

2..Net Framework

3.Yahoo Messenger

4.Google Chrome




8.Google Earth.

9. AVG Offline Link

10 useful Offline Installers

1.Flash Player offline installer

Now a days it is necessary to view multimedia content on a website, your browser needs to have flash player installed in your computer.

2.Net Framework 3.5 SP1 Offline installer

Now lot of applications  are developing on .net framework, for these applications to install and run in your computer your computer must have .net framework installed in your computer.

3.Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Offline installer

To chat with your friends online Yahoo Messenger is a must these days.

4.Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta offline installer

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta is loaded with full of features like high quality video calling , checking social network  updates from your friends like twitter.

5. Google Chrome 5.0 Offline installer

Google Chrome 5.0 with much improved speed and extensions support , themes support, added HTML 5 capabilities support, redesigned new tab page, updated omnibox and much more.

6.Skype Offline Installer

With Skype you can make high quality video and audio calls from your computer, you can also share files with your friends whom have Skype installed on their computers.

7.Java Offline Installer

To play online games , to view images in 3D and to access bank websites you must have java installed in your computer.

8.Google Earth 5.0  Offline Installer

With Google Earth you can see the buildings, oceans , Moon and across the world sitting only from in front  of your computer .

9.Silverlight Offline Installer

Silverlight is developed as an alternate to Adobe Flash by Microsoft . To view Microsoft website and websites developed by silverlight you must have silverlight installed in your computer.

10. AVG official Offline link:

AVG will not show the direct official link from their website to download AVG free anti-virus.

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