When it comes to creating a strong password, you should be logical and intelligent. Because creating a password on your personal info may lead to hacking of your account and sensitive information. A good password should contain a combination of letters, special symbols and numbers.

Want to create a strong password which is easy to remember for you? Password bird can help you, it creates passwords randomly based on the information given by you.

Test Built-in Password Generator of Google Chrome Right Now!

1. Visit password bird website in your browser.

2. Enter your name, a word that is special to you and a special date.

password bird

3. Click  “create password” to create a password provided on your info.

The passwords  generated by PB may/ may not be safe, but these generated passwords are not stored by this service.

Summary: Password Bird is a password generator generates random passwords on the information provided by you which is also easy to remember for you as well.

Link: Password bird

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