gmail is up not down

It is quite getting common that popular micro blogging service twitter and Gmail from Google going down frequently. Since these two services are mostly used by any user in a day, its better to check Gmail is down or not when they gone outage.

I had already written ways to find twitter down or not .

These services should be reliable, but we are getting used to outage of Gmail and twitter here and there due to technical problems.

Ways to find Gmail down or not

1.We can confirm status of Gmail officially from Google App status dashboard . Google Apps status dashboard enables users and businesses to monitors the status of the Google App services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Gtalk  and other apps.

Just visit Google app status page to know Gmail is down or not.

Gmail _status

You can know status for all Google Apps, not only Gmail.

2. Another trust and reliable source to found Gmail outage none other than twitter. Just enter Gmailfail in twitter search, you will find tweets from all users like you experiencing downtime of Gmail.

As twitter users invented retweet and hashtags, any user who experienced Gmail down enter his message with #Gmailfail at the end of the tweet . Aren’t these hashtags very helpful in twitter .

#Gmailfail_in _twitter

Since twitter shows real time tweets, you bound to get spontaneous and instant info on Gmail outage.

3.There are some online apps to track up and downtime of websites, one of them is isthisdown . Just enter in isthisdown website, you can know whether Gmail is up or down.


gmail status

4.Downrightnow monitors the status of popular services like twitter, Gmail, Facebook and others. You can check whether Gmail is up or down in this website.

Gmail is up

5.Similar to isthisdown downforeveryoneorjustme  also tells whether a website is up or down. just enter or other website URL to know the status of that website.

gmail website up or down

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