With multiple tabs in today’s browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, we generally open  links in new tabs  by using right clicking and selecting “Open link in a new tab”. There are more easier ways to open links in a new tab and of course in a new window also by using mouse buttons.

1.Middle button: Use your middle mouse button that is wheel to open link in a new tab.

mouse middle button

2. Ctrl +left click : Selecting Ctrl key and pressing left mouse click button will also open link in a new tab.


3.Shift + Left click: Pressing Shift button and clicking left mouse button will open link in a new window.


4. Shift+middle click: Shift-middle-click or(shift-Ctrl-click) will open link in a new tab and switches to that tab immediately.


5.Alt +left: Alt +left click saves the contents of link to your computer.



These shortcuts works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox , some worked in IE differently.

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